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Why choose LPN ( License Practical Nursing ) ?
Practical nursing is only 1 year course at  ASPN.
No local board exam needed .
You can always upgrade to RN anytime .
LPN who wish to work in the states are not affected by immigrant visa retrogression.  Working  visa
for Practical Nurses are typically processed in 3 to 4 months. While  RN, under current condition
need to wait  5 to 6  years process to get immigrant visa under employment based EB3 category .
How  ASPN made the difference?
ASPN  is the only reputable practical nursing school  and PN-Nclex review center in the Philippines . ASPN is  
here to meet the challenge of building the best practical nurses and move them to work in  the states sooner .
ASPN  offers One year  Practical Nursing  US Curriculum Course  ,  2 months PN / RN Nclex review  
and LPN to BSN ( Bachelor of Science in Nursing ) transition program.   
ASPN  offers campus based and online school away program with voice over anytime and anywhere
enabling us to meet today's workplace.
ASPN  is the only school in the Philippines (  to our knowledge  ) that  have PN review center, PN-Nclex
and we are the only school that has health care facility contacts and immigration lawyers in the US and
whose successful reviewers are now working in the US.
and NCLEX Review Center
School of Practical Nursing
ASPN is the leading practical nursing school in the Philippines.
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